The Mall of America held the 3rd annual Holiday Celebration for Military and Veteran Families at the Nickelodeon Universe.  Once more we were honored to be part of the this fun event for families that started out with a special Santa breakfast followed by unlimited rides at the Nickelodeon Universe – open just for them.  We were part of the many military advocacy groups at the “Resource Fair” and had a wonderful time meeting our Minnesota heroes and their families.  It was great getting to know all about the other great groups that came with the same goal- helping Veterans.
Mary Henry Founder of “Reuniting After War”
Seen here is the group “Reuniting after War” that brings units back together for reunions.  In this photo is founder, Mary Henry, a Minnesota mom who was passionate about bring her son’s union together after serving in Afghanistan in 2009- a hard deployment that resulted in many losses.  This first successful reunion was held in the summer of 2016 and now they are bringing others together. As these young men and women say,  “There is no better therapy than reconnecting with the guys who stood next to you in war.”
Another organization “Homes For Heroes”, brings realtors, lenders and others together that give reduced rates and result in a check back to new owners.  Their mission states:  “Our mission is to provide extraordinary savings to heroes who provide extraordinary services to our nation and its communities.”
Homes For Heroes