How We Began

The Rescued Heroes Calendar series was founded by Paul and Lynn Sansale in 2011.  In 2009 they began learning about the unique, intuitive gifts dogs have after meeting Lucy, a rescued therapy dog who volunteered with children in the READ program at a local public library.
Paul and Lucy
Paul and Lucy
Paul took a photo of Lucy the day they met and it became the inspiration that led him to paint his first dog portrait and tell her story of rescue.  They found 11 other rescued “therapy” dogs and he and Lynn created the 2012 calendar Rescue Dog to Therapy Dog. The calendar’s goal was to encourage others to consider rescue organizations first when adding a pet to their lives. To read more about the beginning of their first calendar and the story behind this new calendar series CLICK HERE.
To read more about the artist, CLICK HERE

The Rescued Heroes-Veterans Edition Calendar

Their focus quickly changed as they discovered that rescued service dogs were saving the lives of our veterans with PTSD and TBI.  After visiting the website Paws and Stripes, Paul, a veteran himself, and his wife Lynn, the daughter of a WW11 veteran, were shocked to learn about the severity of symptoms experienced by one out of five returning soldiers.
They were inspired by Paws and Stripes founder and Iraq Veteran Jim Stanek as he regained his independence after successfully training his own service dog, Sarge. Jim and his wife Lindsey began helping other veterans find and train their own service dogs. To read Jim and Sarge’s story CLICK HERE.
Paul and Lynn looked for and found other amazing service dog organizations that were successfully matching and training veterans who had invisible wounds with dogs screened from shelters.  They discovered  veterans and graduates of these programs wanted to share their stories to help other veterans learn about service dogs and to help Americans gain a better understanding of PTSD and TBI. With Paul’s paintings beside each veteran’s story of healing, the “Rescued Heroes- Veterans Edition” calendar series began.  To find out more about this transition to the “Rescued Heroes -Veterans Edition” calendars,  CLICK HERE.