K9 Navigators Assistance Dogs, Inc.
902 Kitty Hawk Rd.  Ste 170 #228
Universal City, TX 78148
Phone: (727) 515-7379


K9 Navigator Assistance Dogs is a non-profit founded with the assistance of U.S.A.F. and Vietnam Veteran Mike Sergeant in 2011.   With the help of trainer Jim Mathys, also a U.S.A.F. Veteran, they shared a friendship and had  a life-long interest in helping veterans with disabilities.  Their organization quickly gained support and admiration among the veterans’ community, the media and the general public.

MikeThe Sansales first found K9Navigators listed on the website of Vets Helping Heroes.   As they researched service dogs on the east coast, they found Mike Sergeant’s name was almost legendary and discovered he was one of the most respected experts in the service dog world. After speaking with him and some of his graduates, it was soon apparent the importance of showcasing this amazing organization and his service dogs.

Army Veteran Jeff and Service Dog Ducky

In November, 2013, Lynn and Paul traveled to Washington, DC to meet with three of their graduates and service dogs and are extremely proud to share their amazing stories.

Tragically, in 2016, Mike Sergeant passed away.   But today K9Navigators are in the process of continuing Mike’s dreams of expanding their training department and are looking forward to continuing his vision.