We chose these four organizations to spotlight due to their history of excellence and proven success.  They are:
SBF logo
Peoria, AZ
K9Navigators Logo
Upper Marlboro, MD


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Albuquerque, NM
Gilroy, CA


Participants in the upcoming 2018 Calendar are from Soldiers Best Friend, Paws and Stripes and K9Navigators Assistance Dogs
Website Links:
Soldiers Best Friend, Peoria, AZ
Paws and Stripes, Albuquerque, NM
K9Navigators Assistance Dogs, Upper Marlboro, MD
Operation Freedom Paws, Gilroy, CA


 Our Criteria. The service dog organizations we chose fit this criteria:
  • Organizations have a proven history of success
  • Dogs and training are provided at no charge to the Veteran
  • Veterans are carefully matched with well screened dogs mostly from rescue before training begins
  • The Veteran and dog train together for periods of six to twelve months
  • They offer each Veteran the support of both “one to one” training and “group training” with fellow Veterans
  • Following graduation, ownership of the service dog is transferred to the Veteran
  • Organizations provide adequate follow up and mentoring opportunities
If you live close to one of these great service dog organizations, offer your support by volunteering or with your dollars so they can continue to help more Veterans. Go to their websites and look at their “wish lists”.
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