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Paul, Jim and Sarge in Albuquerque, 2011
Paul, Jim and Sarge in Albuquerque, 2011
Jim and Lindsey Stanek, founders of this organization, were the original inspiration in 2011 for the first Rescued Heroes -Veterans Edition 2014 Calendar. As Lynn and Paul discovered the Paws and Stripes website for the first time, they viewed Jim’s early video, as seen below, and it resulted, in a complete change of focus to Veterans after gaining this new insight into what our heroes were experiencing.
The Sansales’ traveled to Albuquerque to meet Jim and later featured his inspiring story in the month of January and Sarge as the cover for the 2014 Rescued Heroes calendar.  Here is the video that  was the beginning of their education about  PTSD and TBI and set them in a new direction.
Paul with Mark Valvo, Paws and Stripes Enrollment Director in Albuquerque
In June, 2015 the Sansales returned to Albuquerque to meet with new Veterans for the 2018 calendar.  While there, Mark Valvo, enrollment director at that time, gave a tour of their new facilities and discussed the new workshop “Key Elements of Training Service Dogs” they are offering to the public.
Dogs of War, shown on A&E, was developed by Paws and Stripes and aired six weekly episodes that started in November, 2014.  This important series helped the viewer understand the importance of correctly matching the dog with the Veteran before training starts, the training process and much more. Hopefully there will be another season of shows.  Here is an introduction to the series and below are links showing glimpses of episodes of A & E’s Dogs of War.

Michael, Esuda, Jennifer and Paul
One of the heroes the Sansale’s met with for the 2018 calendar was Michael and his wife Jennifer. They were featured in the Dogs of War series and below are two short videos that give a special insight into what life was like for Michael and his family after he returned from combat.  Once again the Sansale’s were able to learn from our heroes and will be passing along Michael’s incredible story in the 2018 calendar.
With training behind him and Esuda at his side, he began concentrating his efforts as a mentor with Paws and Stripes.  Michael, like other Veterans, grateful for the life saving assistance of a service dog, made it his mission to pay it forward helping fellow Veterans as they came into the Paws and Stripes program.
The first video is Michael’s backstory and in the second one he meets Esuda for the first time and chooses her to train with as his service dog.