To gain a better understanding what our Veterans with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) are experiencing, here are a few videos where they share what it’s like when they return to their communities. The first website video was the inspiration that led to the Rescued Heroes Foundation.
In 2011, we watched our first website video about PTSD and TBI, as told by Jim Stanek, two-time Iraq combat Veteran and founder of Paws and Stripes. Even though Paul is a Veteran himself, we had very little knowledge of what PTSD was and absolutely no idea that Veterans could be home-bound by their symptoms.  We were so inspired by Jim’s video, we changed our focus to raising awareness for PTSD and the value of service dogs in managing their symptoms.
Sarge Jim 4c
Army Veteran Jim Stanek and Sarge
We soon came to  realize how devastating and debilitating this was for well over 20% of our Veteran population. Here is Jim’s video and a few others from the service dog organizations we support:
Jim Stanek from Paws and Stripes 
Operation Freedom Paws:  Inside the mind of an Iraq combat Veteran
Operation Freedom Paws: Our Mission -An Infantryman’s Story
Soldiers Best Friend:  In this early 2012 Video, founder John Burnham describes their mission and two graduates talk about their service dogs.

You can learn more by visiting to view interviews of Veterans sharing their own personal experiences, called “About Face“.
sarah Humphries
Cpt. Sarah Humphries
Listen to their stories.  Seen here is  CPT. SARAH HUMPHRIES.  She was a young woman trying to return to the role of mother to young children after returning from Iraq.  She was not diagnosed with PTSD until her son left for college years later, after losing many things in her life, including her marriage.
We have learned a great deal from the Veterans we interviewed for the calendars. We continue to learn more all the time.
We would highly recommend the “Resource Pages” on the websites of the service dog organizations we have chosen to spotlight on this website.
Here are the links to their resource pages:
Paws and Stripes Resource Page
K9 Navigators Assistance Dogs, Inc.
Operation Freedom Paws Resource Page